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Welcome to UFR STGI!

In this email, you will find useful information and links to begin your year at the UFR STGI.

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Student area

A page with all the useful links you may need :
Mails - ENT - Timetable - Moodle - Restoration and catering, etc.


Student documentation

  1. How to activate my university account?
  2. Where to find my time-table
  3. How to access my ENT*, shared documents and tools? (ENT : Digital work space)
  4. How to connect to the university wi-fy network?
  5. Who to contact in case of computer issues?
  6. Microsoft Teams
List of Belfort-Montbéliard hotlines

All the UFC students can benefit from free university preventive medecine. Students are received in complete confidentiality.

(BAE) Welcome to the students)

BAE is an event organised by the university of Franche-Comté which aims to welcome all students.

Back-to-school information

All the information concerning the new school year as well as the university calendar.

Student life office

The aim of this office is to make university campuses and local student life more attractive.

Computer loan

Need a PC? 💻 The university library offers a one-day loan on presentation of the student card. A computer loan is also possible for two months.

MéMO Association

🏠Student house of Montbéliard
📍Campus Portes du Jura
🌞 The MéMO wlecomes you every lunchtime in a good mood!

Campus Sports

Present in Besançon, Belfort, Montbéliard and Vesoul, Campus Sports offers a choice of more than 40 physical sports and discovery activities.

Bibliothèques Universitaires

BU Lucien Febvre à Belfort 
BU à Montbéliard

Activate your IZLY account

Izly is the contactless payment solution on campus. With Izly, you can pay for your purchases with your smartphone or with your student card.

Career guidance, Internship, Employment (OSE)

Advice and support for your professional project, your orientation and your search for an Internship or a job.

Catering facilities

📌 Belfort & Montbéliard

restaurants map
Resto U - Portes du Jura

📌 Montbéliard
Opening hours: monday to friday

Self : from 11h30 to 13h30
Snack : from 11h30 to 13h30
Cafétéria : 
breakfast from 8h00
& lunchtime from 11h30 to 14h00

Café ETC.

📌rue Chantereine, Belfort
This outlet is located on the ground floor of the UFR STGI (Néel)

Monday to friday, from 11h30 to 13h30

Restaurant Duvillard

📌2 Rue Ernest Duvillard, Belfort
Opening hours: monday to friday:
Self :
from 11h30 to 13h30
Cafétéria : from 11h45 to 13h30
Snack : from 11h30 to 13h30

Relations internationales

You are a UFR STGI student and you wicsh to go abroad for an internship or to study? The international relation unit can help you to carry out these projects.

L'UFR STGI is also present on social networks

Pratical/useful information, events, press release: we relay the activity of the UFR and your syllabus and events within the university. Do not hesitate to follow us and share news related to your training course.

We won't hesitate to relay!

Suggestion box
Students representatives

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Composition COGES
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4 Place Tharradin, Montbéliard